Transform your manufacturing plant with an ERP designed to improve flow and deliver bottom line impact

Converge global work centers into a connected digital space

Connect Projects, Factories, Systems, Data and People to Optimize Efficiency

What makes Tenr’s Solutions stand out?

Tenr has focused only on solving recurrent problems that have hurt our customers. Whether it’s augmenting EPC project management for a large global client or transforming a plastic injection moulding plant, Tenr’s focus shines through in three dimensions.


Our solutions are tailor-fit & proven to give your organization the power to make intelligent & data-driven decisions.


We enable the transformation of businesses from the traditional reporting paradigm to an “Answers” paradigm.


Our trusted solutions have proven to be dynamic, easy to use, & lead to cost-reduction & increase in productivity.

Meet Tenr

Tenr is a business transformation solutions company, with expertise in software & consulting offerings, based in Bangalore, India. It is privately held by a group with interests in technology, tool design, manufacturing, leadership development & professional services.

Why Tenr?

Tenr’s ability to deliver quality, scalability and innovation to its customers is based on certain differentiating capabilities that make Tenr a unique organization. These capabilities have created a synergistic culture that harnesses the diverse talent in Tenr and expresses that through technology that makes a difference.

  • Deep Domain Expertise
  • Diverse Tech Expertise
  • Partnership in Project Management
  • Agility in Action
  • Disruptive Innovation

Products & Services

Tenr's products and services span a wide spectrum of domains and capabilities. From construction management to virtual reality solutions, there are solutions for complex, highly contextual requirements of our customers.

Business Software Solutions

Built on a robust architecture, our software products are differentiated by the domain specific customization that they bring.

Consulting & Training Services

VR - enabled safety training, process design & improvement consulting.

Specialized Staffing Services

Construction Managers , Schedule Control Managers, Team Manager, Construction superintendent, etc.

Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching & internal coaching certification and General management & leadership skills programs.

Industry Impact

A Manufacturing Plant is all about FLOW!

Tenr partners with Prem Industries to embrace technology & reimagine their unique plant operations.

How to codify years of experience?

Tenr helps a global EPC contractor to drive their projects with consistency and ease!

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