Be the CHANGE to be in CHARGE

Our manufacturing solution is the one tool every manufacturer needs to organize their the big jobs done right. Manage your customer requirements, keep up with inventory, monitor supply chain efficiency and forecast production, all from a single platform. With Tenr, all your data is in one place, always available, so you are, really in charge.

  • Set-up & track your performance metrics (utilization, efficiency, quality, waste, safety)
  • Predictive planning, Solve problems faster with real time data from your shop floor
  • Monitor cost performance and ensure expenditures are controlled against budgets
  • Predict inventory needs and production capacity for increased efficiency

Manufacturing industry is changing. New technology makes production faster, safer and more efficient than ever. Its time you rev up your information management of your business to do the same.

Tenr manages your data into a single dashboard, so you can see numbers, inventory forecasts , production line performance and any other meaningful metric in real-time.